This is a list of streets in Uphall which have been named after local people or places :

Alexander Street

Alexander Street was named after Mr William Alexander who was a dairyman.  His dairy was located at the west end of Alexander Street, early in the 20th century.  It was near to the present Lawson's butcher's shop.  His dairy cows grazed in a field at the east end of Alexander Street, roughly where the housing at Burnside Road now stands.

Burnside Road

Burnside Road borders the Brox-burn.

Carledubs Crescent, etc.

The Carledubs housing is named after the farm which stood nearby.

Crossgreen Drive

Crossgreen Drive is named after Crossgreen farm.  The farmhouse still stands on the Ecclesmachan Road.

Dargai Place

Newbigging Craig to the north of Uphall is also known locally as the Dargai Heights. This name originates from a place called Dargai on the North West Frontier of India. The Battle of Dargai took place during the Pathan Revolt in 1897 when the Gordon Highlanders and Gurkha's strormed the Heights of Dargai. Piper Findlater (of the Gordon Highlanders), after being shot through both feet and unable to stand, sat up under heavy fire and continued playing the "Cock o' the North" to encourage his comrades. His gallantry raised an enormous wave of public enthusiasm. He received the V.C. and retired on a pension to his native Aberdeenshire.

Forkneuk Road

Forkneuk Road is named after the farm which stands nearby.

Forrest Walk

Named after Rev. Alan Forrest, a former Minister of Uphall South Parish Church.

Glebe Road, Place, etc.

The Glebe housing is built on land which once belonged to St Nicholas Church.

Houstoun Gardens

Houstoun Gardens is named after Houstoun House.

Howieson Green

Takes its name from Gavin Howieson, a former local Councillor and Justice of the Peace.

Johnston Avenue

Johnston Avenue was named after Thomas Johnston, who was an ironmonger.  The family shop unfortunately ceased trading in early 2003.

Loanfoot Road, Crescent, etc.

A lane ran from St Nicholas Church, between fields of corn (Loan means Lane).  In otherwords, Loanfoot was at the bottom of the lane from the church.


Loaninghill is named after Old Loaninghill Farm which stood nearby (loaning also means lane).

MacFarlane Place

MacFarlane Place was named after Maisie MacFarlane, the proprietor of the local newsagent.   The family still operate MacFarlane's Newsagents on West Main Street.

MacLardy Court

MacLardy Court was named after Dr MacLardy, a local doctor.

Middleton Avenue, Road, etc.

Middleton Avenue and the surrounding roads were built in the grounds of Middleton Hall.


Named after the the corn mill which was nearby (between the mini-roundabout and the Brox-burn at the west end of Uphall).

Ross's Walk

Ross's Walk takes its name from Alexander Ross, a local grocer.


The Stankards housing is named after the farm which stood nearby.

Strathbrock Place

Strathbrock Castle is said to have occupied land on or near Strathbrock Place.

Thomson Court, Grove, etc.

The housing at Thomson Court, Grove, etc. was named after Dr Thomson, a former local doctor.

Westhall Gardens

The housing at Westhall Gardens is west of Middleton Hall.

Wyndford Avenue

Takes its name from a farm which was slightly further north from Wyndford Avenue.