The History options are :

  • A very brief history of Houstoun House, and its owners, can be found here
  • Middleton Hall was once the technical HQ of Scottish Oils.  The building is now a nursing home.  We have some information about this lovely building and the surrounding area
  • A list of Ministers of Strathbrock Church (St Nicholas) from 1562 to 1824
  • Motherwell Bridge shut their plant down a few years ago and the remaining buildings have recently been demolished.   A brief history, is available
  • Some information about a few of Uphall's older buildings
  • Press snippets have been taken from various local publications
  • For many years, Scottish Oils occupied large areas of the industrial site at Middleton (now housing).  Scottish Oils was the forerunner to BP Oils, and you can read a bit about their time in Uphall
  • The history of Uphall's two oldest Churches, St. Nicholas and Uphall South Church can be read here too.  St. Nicholas Church dates back to about the 12th century and is a very impressive building
  • Not a lot is known about the actual location of Strathbrock Castle, however this section points you in the direction of some excellent information about the castle
  • Some of Uphall's streets have been named after local people, farms and events.  This information is in the street name origins section
  • A brief history of Uphall in the village origins section

If you wish to know more about Uphall's history, I advise you read Strathbrock Castle and the History of Uphall by Peter Caldwell (1996) or History and Antiquities of the Parish of Uphall by Rev. James Primrose (1898).  These books contain a wealth of information about Uphall.