War MemorialThe War Memorial is in St Nicholas Church in Uphall.  It commemorates men and women of the parish who died during the First and Second World Wars.

The picture will be updated shortly, as Corporal Robert Beveridge MM was added to the memorial in September 2007.

Those Who Died For Us In The Great War 1914-1919

David Lindsay David Appleby James McCafferty James Smith
Robert Montgomery John McNee Duncan McNeill John Smith
Norman Shairp Thomas Anthony Alex McVey John Speirs
Peter Allan Francis Dowds James Marshalsay Robert Stein
William Sneddon James Rafferty Alex Melrose John Steven
James Anderson Edward Walsh John Munnoch James Stewart
John Colquhoun John Goodall Alex Munro John Taggart
Thomas Liddell William Brown Lawrence Murray Alex Thomson
James H Nicol Claude Brownlee William Murray George Thomson
Fred Porteous James Conway David Nicol Samuel Thomson
David Nicol Daniel Dowds Peter O'Donnell Samuel Turtle
Charles Liddell Robert Docherty William Olliver Archibald T Webster
James Lightbody Alex B Dudgeon Joseph Plunkett James Webster
Peter Nicol Andrew Galloway Tom Potter Robert C Webster
Daniel Ross William Gillon Bruce Rae John Whigham
John Ross James Gowans Alex Robertson Alex Williamson
Timothy Horner Peter Innes Philip Ross Peter Wilson
Andrew Mutter William Leishman Charles G M Sampson Alex Wright
James Potter Robert Lind John Samuel James A Robertson
Richard Speirs Hugh Mack Elizabeth Simpson John Shields
William Splatt Peter MacDonald George Smith Andrew Young
David R Heatlie William J Lawrie Tom King David Paris
Robert Wilson     Robert Beveridge

Those Who Died In The World War 1939-1945

Robert M Anderson Robert Gardner George MacCallum John W Shairp
William Atkinson John W Gibson John D C McNeill Alexander S Shields
John D Brodie Thomas Gibson Robert F McNeill Sydney S Smith
Hannah Cannon Charles Glen Alexander Mutter Robert B Stenhouse
James Connaghan John Heaney Thomas Norris Robert Taggart
James Dow James B Hughes Joseph Plunkett George S A Thomson
James B Drummond Charles P Jeffrey John Potter William Turner
Joseph M Evans David R Kerr Andrew Punton James Whigham
George C Falconer John McCabe James B Reilly Robert Wood
David S Gardner     Harry Young